Weekend Photos

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here are a few photos and thoughts from mine…

Marvelous is…a great Sunday brunch at Ditch Plains with a friend. We had coffee, jalapeño + cheddar tater tots, yogurt pancakes and breakfast tacos. The pancakes were just okay, but everything else was delicious!

Marvelous is…wearing my fall clothes! I've been all about the tall boots, scarves, sweaters and plaid.

Marvelous is…spending time with family this weekend. Quality time at home is always nice – and I get to see my family next weekend too.

Marvelous is…starting a cleanse. I'm doing a one day cleanse from Juice Press. The over indulgence needs to come to and end and hopefully this will help reset my palate.

Marvelous is…watching Fed Up. I've been wanting to see this for awhile. As someone who doesn't know too much about nutrition and definitely doesn't always make healthy choices, it was pretty informative. It was also kind of sad listening to young kids talk about their weight issues and the inability to fix it.

Marvelous is...getting my first Stitch Fix! Review to come this week.

Marvelous is…going for a run this morning! I walked/ran 2.5 miles and my foot felt great, thank goodness.

Thank you to Katie for hosting and hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday.

The Injury Chronicles

Confession time: I have a stress fracture in my foot. :(

My foot was really bothering me after a long, 15 mile run. I took a few days off and then tried to run again…still too painful to run. Took a few mor day off, tried again and was still in pain. After about two weeks of this I FINALLY saw a doctor, had an MRI and was forced into a walking boot. This boot has been the bane of my existence for the last two weeks but I'm finally out of it! I still have another 4 to 6 weeks of no running but at least I can start to do some other low impact exercise now.

Sadly, this means I won't be running the NYCM marathon this year. I haven't actually cancelled imy registration yet because I'm still in denial but I don't really have any other choice. Assuming my foot heals quickly, there's no way I'll be ready to run a marathon in 3 weeks after taking 2 months off. I'm crazy but I'm not THAT crazy.

I'm sad about the marathon but trying to stay positive. I've run it before and hopefully I'll be healthy enough to run it again in 2015. For now I'm just focusing on healing my foot….and maybe looking at races I can train for after it's better. :)


Marvelous Weekend Recap

This weekend was so much fun! I've been getting back into exercising, my apartment is starting to come together and I'm finally starting to feel like my old self again. Here are some of the marvelous things I did this weekend:

I had off on Friday so my weekend started bright and early at my very first November Project workout! I was a bit nervous to show up alone but everyone was really friendly and I enjoyed myself. I'm hoping to make it a habit.

I met friends at the Frying Pan for happy hour. Multiple rounds of sangria and fries were enjoyed.

Saturday involved hanging out with girlfriends and having Artichoke Pizza for the first time(not something I'll be doing again – gross).

Sunday I went to a new Pilates studio and spent the day cleaning/organizing/relaxing.

Thanks to Katie for hosting! Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday!


MIMM: Wine Tasting

Today I'm linking up with Katie for my weekend recap!

Marvelous is….wine tasting out on Long Island. The weather was kind of crappy but we hit up a few wineries and farmers market. There was a margarita pizza, an apple cider donut and plenty of wine!

Marvelous is….running! Only 13 weeks until the NYCM. I did four miles today and found a new(to me) track.

Marvelous is…..brunch with friends! Followed by some Sunday Funday cocktails on a rooftop in the city.

Marvelous is….a little DIY project. My apartment is slowly coming together.

Marvelous is…my first Birchbox! I know I'm a super late adopter….but better late than never, right? So fun to get a little present in the mail.

Happy Monday!

Five Things Friday

I know it's been a long time but I'm officially back to blogging.

1. I moved! I'm finally living in a big-girl apartment in Brooklyn with seperate rooms and a human sized kitchen. I finally feel like a grown up….except that I have no furniture….baby steps lol.

2. My goal for August is to track my spending all month. I've never used a budget and I can't really make one because I have no idea how much I spend every month. I do know that I spend way too much on useless purchases(nail polish, lip gloss, fancy bath stuff), wine and dinners out….so hopefully tracking it will help me figure out what I'm spending and how to cut back a little.


3. I need to start running again. The past two months have been really hard for me. There was a death in my family and I went through a very painful breakup, but I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. My new place is reasonably close to Prospect Park so I'm excited to start running there.


4. I want to buy a bike! (What was that about a budget?) I'm looking for an inexpensive fixie or single gear that I'll love but won't worry about it getting stolen.

5. I want to try the November Project. I keep seeing posts and pictures about it and my curiousity is officially piqued. I might have to force myself to wake up in the wee hours of the morning so I can try a workout.


Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer Review & #fuelyourbetter Campaign

I was recently contacted by the very nice people at Vega Sport and given the opportunity to try one of their new pre-workout supplements as part of their #fuelyourbetter campaign.  I received the Vega Sport Sugar Free Pre-Workout Energizer, a pre-workout drink mix sporting a unique blend of plant-based performance-improving ingredients.


I’ve never been one to really drink supplements but I was willing to give it shot.  Before my morning runs I usually have a quick espresso and then head out the door, but I started replacing my beloved espresso with the Vega Sport Sugar Free Pre-Workout Energizer mix for shorter runs.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of lemon lime flavored anything.  I was a bit disappointed when I didn’t receive the acai berry flavor to try because I heard it was SO good, but to be honest, the lemon-lime flavor isn’t too bad.  I’m not in love with it but it’s definitely drinkable.

As far as the effects of the Vega Sport Sugar Free Pre-Workout Energizer, I thought it was great!  Not quite the same as coffee but it definitely gave me a little extra boost of energy to run in the morning.  I also love that it’s made with stevia so it’s sugar free.


For me, what ended up being the best way to drink it, was to mix up a packet with water and then hop on the subway to whatever yoga/dance/crossfit class I was headed to that evening.  I found the drink to be the perfect amount of  energy to get through the class, but not so bad that I would be wired and up all night.

SO, would I purchase this with my own money?  Probably not.  Like I said, I’m not a huge lemon lime fan and it’s definitely a little expensive for a product I’m not in love with, but maybe I’d feel otherwise about the acai berry flavor.

Have you tried other Vega products?  I’m interested in trying the protein powder, so I may be purchasing that when my current protein powder is finished.

Please note, I received this product for free, but all opinions are my own.

NYCM Training: Week 2 & Week 3


Here’s what I’ve been up to the past two week on the exercise front….

Week 2

Monday:  Rest.

Tuesday:  45 minutes spin class at FlyWheel.

Wednesday:  2 mile run.

Thursday:  3 mile run.

Friday:  2 mile walk/run.

Saturday:  Oakley Mini 10k.  A HUGE PR for me.  Smile

Sunday:  Rest.

Week 3

Monday:  Pilates class.  Ugh, so boring. 

Tuesday:  3 mile walk/run.

Wednesday:  Rest.

Thursday:  3 mile walk/run

Friday:  30 minute easy bike ride

Saturday:  20 minute easy bike ride

Sunday:  NYRR Queens 10k.  Another PR!

NYCM Training: Week 1

Last week was my first week of marathon training! I didn't make it to a yoga class but I did get in one day of cross training and all of my runs.

Monday: 3 mile run/walk in the morning. I'm still trying to transition into a morning workout person. It's been rough.

Tuesday: I went to an EVF360 class. It seemed really similar to crossfit….and it KILLED me. I was sore for days after this workout. Obviously I really need to start doing more strength.

8 rounds(20/10)
Kettlebell swings
Sit ups

20 min AMRAP
200m run
10 plate thrusters
10 overhead weighted lunges
10 weighted sit-ups

Wednesday: 2 mile run for National Running Day! My legs were incredibly sore from the class the day before, but I wanted to run! It was more of a hobble, but whatever.

Thursday: 3 mile run/walk in the evening during the sunset.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Another rest day. I had planned on going to a rowing class but then got stuck working. Womp womp.

Sunday: 3 mile run/walk in a cute little park. I also biked a few miles to meet my friends for brunch. That counts, right? Haha.


NYC Marathon Training Plan

This week marks the official beginning of my training for the NYCM on November 2nd, 2014.  I know that sounds reallllly far away, but I found a 22 week plan that starts out really slow and builds up over time.

I’ve never successfully trained for a race and completed it.  I’ve done a few half marathons but never stuck to a training plan – life or laziness always seems to get in the way.  I’ve also done the NYC marathon twice before, but without following through with my original plan.  So this year, I made a plan and I’M STICKING TO IT! 

I think in the past I’ve been overly ambitious with how often and how far I can run, realistically.  So this time around I’ve found a plan that calls for 4 days of running, one day of cross training and TWO rest days.  Hopefully that will be the key to me sticking to the plan.  I’d also like to incorporate some yoga into my training because I know that’s definitely good for me.

SO, here’s to hoping I become a little more motivated and little more OCD and I actually follow through with my plan.  I’ve done so many races without any real training, I’m excited to see what happens if I actually put forth some effort and train for real.

Thinking Out Loud #1

This is my first time linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

1. I'm currently at the doctors office. It's 9:42 and my appointment was for 9am. How can the first appointment of the day already be running late? I wish I was less annoyed by little things like this.

2. I started apartment hunting. It's so exhausting. I really didn't want to pay a brokers fee but I might have to just suck it up and pay. I've seen so many places that are “bait and switch” -ish with realtors advertising photos of one place and taking me to a COMPLETELY different one. Do they think I won't notice? Ugh. I've almost reached my breaking point where I'd rather just pay someone to find me a nice place to live.

3. Just finished reading this book. I really need to start eating less sugar, I just can't seem to do it. I'm definitely addicted. It's hard to imagine going a year(especially when it's hard to manage one day) but I'm thinking of doing a 30 day no sugar challenge or something along those lines.

4. I'm loving gel manicures. I'm kind of afraid that's it's wrecking my nails but I love that it's been over two weeks and they still look close to perfect. Definitely growing out, but not chipped.

5. I just stumbled upon juicerecipes.com to figure out the calories and nutrition in my juice. I order juice occasionally but really had no idea how many calories or grams of sugar I was getting. Here's my juice from this morning:

With the ingredients and nutritional info:

Apparently carrots have a ton of sugar in them…I guess I didn't know that.